Lights… Action


David Belogolovsky is a full time student in the midst of midterms at Santa Clara University who spends most of his waking hours in nightclubs or thinking about nightclubs. This twenty-three year old is the founder of Owl Vision LLC, a lighting design company based out of the South Bay Area.

David is a friendly and inviting South Bay Area local with short blond hair and electric blue eyes. Even though he has more on his plate that any person I have ever met, he never succumbs to the stress of a full workload. During an interview, he told me that even though he is a high-speed entrepreneur, “I still enjoy peaceful and environmental encounters.”

When he is not working, David loves to travel and immerse himself in different cultures. Whether it is surviving primitively in Montana or living extravagantly in Las Vegas, he seems to always have a good time. Out of all the places that David has traveled to, it was his trip to Puerto Rico to Puerto Rico that cakes the cake.

While visiting Puerto Rico, David went out of his way to mingle with the locals and immerse himself in Puerto Rican culture. This journey took him to just about every corner of the country where he stayed in Airbnbs. One of his stories that stood out to me in particular was about a crab fisherman that he met while perusing the beach. David regarded him as being a “cool guy” who has life figured out. This crab fisher spent a total of six thousand dollars on a shack on the beach and makes his living selling crabs at local markets. Shouldn’t we all be envious of such a care-free lifestyle?

1934087_13889541137_1264_nSanta Clara University marked the beginning of David’s career in the music industry. During his Freshman year, he adopted the name DJ3W and quickly rose through the ranks of SCU DJs, performing at Greek events, local bars, private events, and on campus concerts. Shortly after entering the DJ scene, he began providing event lighting with Topshelf Lighting and DJ Services, a company that is no stranger to Santa Clara.

After David worked with Topshelf Lighting and DJ Services for a few years, he had gathered enough prestige to go to Las Vegas and do a lighting internship with Sexy Lights. This internship turned into full employment and a year in Las Vegas. This job marked the point when David could no longer juggle school and work and he formally withdrew from SCU.

David spends a huge amount of his time programming and practicing with his own arsenal of lighting equipment. He tries to avoid using his own equipment at shows but it can be difficult to come by someone who has the quality and quantity of lights that David has. Lugging around his gear in a U-Haul is inevitable.

David is primarily a light programmer who is often contracted to control the lights that he programs. Programming lights is a huge project that can take days. Once they are programmed, he hooks the lights up to complex control panels that take a while to learn how to use. Most venues would like one of their current employees to learn how to use the equipment but the learning curve is too steep to get a hang of controlling the lights in less than a few months. In that time, David is often contracted to control the lights on big nights.

Now, David has returned to the South Bay Area and is once again a Santa Clara University student. The main difference is that now he has a full time job on top of his schoolwork.