College Chronicles: Kaylee Hansen


Name: Kaylee Hansen

Year: Junior

Major: Business Management

Hometown: Sammamish, Wash.


What surprised you about college?

How friendly everyone was. It was just really refreshing to see how the whole student body was very friendly. Random people having conversations with you, opening up the door for you, just being really positive about everything. Just the whole vibe and atmosphere is very welcoming. That surprised me in a positive way.

Name your biggest disappointment or the thing you like least about college.

The tater tots are sometimes too squishy. When they’re not baked to a golden crisp.

What was a specific experience in college that stands out?

Living in Sanfilippo. I’ll have been there all four years, as a resident, CF, and ARD. Just being able to see the residents throughout the years build a family within the community. I met so many remarkable people through the Flip over my time here.

Would you do anything differently?

I would say getting off campus more my freshman year and really exploring the area and all it has to offer.

Interview by Riley O’Connell