College Chronicles: Troy Lopez

IMG_6099 (1)

Name:             Troy Lopez

Year:               Senior

Major:            Civil Engineering

Hometown:   Belize City, Belize


What surprised you about college?

The culture of not being around parents and just being around friends all the time. Being free to do whatever you want takes getting used to, but I like it. It’s better.

Name your biggest disappointment or the thing you like least about college.

The workload. When I graduated high school, it was a ton of work so when I got to college I expected the workload, not be to be easier, but to be less. Less work, but harder work.

What was a specific experience in college that stands out?

Learning how to play beer die. It introduced me to American college culture. There’s a lot of drinking games.

Would you do anything differently? 

When I first came here, I would probably have chosen friends who partied a little bit less. When I was in Belize, I was really someone who was into hitting the books and studying hard. It’s good to get a break, but I like having more focus on school work.

Interview by Perla Luna


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