College Chronicles: Katrina Kaypaghian


Name:             Katrina Kaypaghian

Year:               Senior

Major:            Accounting

Hometown:   Boise, Idaho

What surprised you about college?

I didn’t expect to meet so many creative and unique people that I would share so many educational experiences with.

Name your biggest disappointment or the thing you like least about college.

Because of my major, I had to overload every quarter for two years so that was really stressful.

What was a specific experience in college that stands out?

I really enjoyed working on my capstone project about the Heineken company. I worked with students that I’ve known since freshman year. We made a great presentation and got a good grade on it. We were able to drink with our professor and the rest of the class after we presented so that was really fun.

Would you do anything differently? 

I would continue with my freshman year mentality by trying to join every club and participate in every activity on campus available to me through all four years.

Interview by Nikki Advani


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