College Chronicles: Justin Azzarito

JustinName:             Justin Azzarito

Year:               Sophomore

Major:            Finance and Economics

Hometown:   Sacramento, California


What surprised you about college?

I didn’t expect the prices in Benson to be so high. Although I almost did expect that. I didn’t expect it to be so hard walk to the third floor of Lucas every day, but it’s very hard.

Name your biggest disappointment or the thing you like least about college.

I feel like there’s not a lot to do if you’re not in a fraternity, like social events to meet people outside of dorm events. There needs to be more events campus wide to meet people. There needs to be more nights like Bronco Nights.

What was a specific experience in college that stands out?

Over spring break my professor emailed me saying that I had the highest grade in the class and was very participative, so it was very nice to be recognized for my work.

Would you do anything differently? 

I’d be more outgoing the first few months of freshman year because after that people get in their little groups and don’t talk to other people.

Interview by Tyler Marchi and Steven Trager



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