College Chronicles: Jonathan Pak


Name: Jonathan Pak

Year: Sophomore

Major: Biochem

Hometown: Dublin, California


Biggest surprise or thing you didn’t expect about college?

I thought it would be a breeze, and I could be lazy and do whatever I wanted and have fun. Obviously,  when you’re living off campus away from home, there’s more freedom. I thought it would be something like high school, so I know during the first quarter I fooled around a lot and did not use my time well. I did get my work done, but I knew that I would have to start stepping it up.

Name your biggest disappointment or thing you like least about college.

One would be registration because it is just painful to see all of your classes fill up. A second would be housing because our housing system sucks. The emails they send us, they mess up with the times and the whole process is pretty bad.

What was a specific experience in college that stands out?

That one time when I boarded to Dennys with my friends at five.

Would you do anything differently?

I would change my major. My major right now is biochem and I would change it definitely not to Engineering but probably to something in Arts and Sciences that is more artsy. Something like philosophy because I’ve really liked all my philosophy classes. They really pick your brain and you learn a lot and they’re very interesting instead of biochem where everything is very straightforward and there isn’t much variety.

Interviewed By: Tyler Marchi and Steven Trager



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