The Reluctant Super Bowl City by Tyler Chace

sup broIt was a beautiful and busy Monday morning in February at the foot of Market Street in the city of San Francisco. The hustle and bustle of the city was cranked up a notch as workers began to take down “Super Bowl City” in the wake of Super Bowl 50. The weeklong affair that lead up to the big game featured a fan village center, an interactive expo, and a Metallica concert at AT&T Park. Despite these epic events and activities taking place in San Francisco, many locals were left unhappy about how all of this went down.

But why, you may ask, would the people of San Francisco be unhappy that such a monumental event was hosted by their city? Well, you see the actual Super Bowl, the game itself, did not take place in “Super Bowl City.” The game was a 90-minute trek, 50 miles south in the small town of Santa Clara.

“I was late to work almost everyday last week because of all the traffic, and the game didn’t even taking place here,” said Carlie Nevels, a 25 year-old resident who works in the Financial District.

Nevels is not alone. Many other San Franciscans were scratching their heads at the sight of drunken football fans and assault-rifle wielding guards lining their streets. “It would be a little different if the game took place in “Super Bowl City,” Nevels added.

Aside from the increased levels of traffic, noise, and overall congestion, there seems to be something else going on here in the heads of San Franciscans. There is clearly an under-the-surface anger that goes beyond traffic congestion.

The San Francisco 49ers moved from Candlestick stadium to Levi Stadium in 2014. The primary reason for the move was lack of state of the art amenities and traffic problems on highway 101. Anyone who has been to a game at the new stadium knows that these pull factors to move the stadium, turned out to be a hoax. The only thing that re-locating the stadium and team has done is diminish the fan base and create a misrepresentation of San Francisco.

Photo: shanand/Twitter

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