These Squirrels are Nuts

squirrel-post4We’ve all seen them, strutting along the walkways like they own the place. They dodge longboarders with ease and have enough nerve to steal your Benson meal right out of your plate if you’re not looking. I’m talking, of course, about the campus squirrels. These little mammals’ nerve does not match their small stature. They can walk straight up to us humans and have no problem doing it.

I’ve been to other college campuses and it seems that all squirrels whose home is the college campus have this unrelenting nerve. I’ve always wondered why. You would think that they’d be more afraid of us since there are so many humans in such a small place, but in fact it’s the exact opposite. It is a very interesting phenomenon. Perhaps it’s our delicious Benson food that attracts them or the beautiful campus. Maybe they are all a part of one big social squirrel family. Whatever it is, they are here to stay.

Next time you walk around campus, take note of these little critters. They bring life and a little piece of nature with them to this campus. Maybe you’ll even be lucky enough to find the rouge “black squirrel.” You’ll have to really look to find him though.

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