Zagster: The Green Zipcar


SCU’s campus just got a little greener with Zagster bike share.

Check it here.


The Grind

Right in the middle of every quarter, every student has to deal with the dreadful midterms. They occur during weeks 3-5 (depending on one’s class) and they are always awful. Every seat in the libary is occupied, any public space outide the “lib” is filled with students lounging with a pile of books, and worst of all, the night life dwindles. As for the lucky few who don’t have midterms, they are subject to extreme boredom and Netflix binge-watching all alone…for days on end.

These weeks resemble a mini finals week–and we all know how terrible those can get.




Our campus is too small for buses or bikes so a new phenomenon has started at SCU. They’re everywhere and you can’t avoid them. They scare people, they collide with people, and they sometimes collide with themselves. I’m talking of course about those darn long-boarders. Some hate them and some just want to be them. Where do you stand?

Winter is Coming

overcastWe have officially entered the period in Californian fall when it is too warm to go out wearing a jacket and too cold at night to not have one. This awkward phase between summer and winter marks the return of colder weather and the flip-flop from board shorts to jeans. The days have gotten noticeably shorter and there is just over two months until the winter solstice. For those who have not experienced a Santa Clara winter, the weather isn’t that bad, it is just misleading. No matter how warm it is during the day, it is a safe bet that you are going to need a jacket when the sun disappears.

The Coolest Way To Take A Spill

If you are like me, you love to anything with wheels that goes fast and you hate wearing a helmet. This is not recommended by most and is popularly accepted as being unsafe but helmet fashion isn’t enough for me. While surfing  the internet, I came across a product that genuinely interests me and I wouldn’t mind taking a crash in. It’s called the Hövding and it’s a necklace that contains an airbag for your head. When the Hövding senses the wearer falling, the airbag deploys, providing more protection than a regular helmet and a show for those watching.


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At least you will be falling with some swag.

Why Walk When You Can Parkour?

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 9.14.03 PMParkour, also known as free-running, has made it to SCU. Don’t worry Campus Safety, free-runners aren’t grinding university hand rails with skateboards, bikes, or even rollerblades. One thing is for sure, they are using the hand rails for anything but their intended purpose.

This exciting sport has been trending in the world of extreme sports in recent years. SCU student parkour enthusiasts can be seen around campus and have collaborated to found  SCUPK, the official parkour club of Santa Clara University. This all inclusive club even has instructors so all experience levels will be welcomed.