Try Something New


Maggie von Massenhausen, a freshman here at Santa Clara, spontaneously tried out for the women’s lacrosse team without ever playing before. She knew almost nothing about the sport but decided to give it a chance. Maggie went to three weeks of training before tryouts with little hopes of making the team.

She was drawn to the sport because her brother played for the men’s lacrosse team for all four years at Santa Clara. Maggie was offered a spot on the women’s soccer team here as well, but turned it down because of the rigorous practice schedule. Even though she had turned down that offer, she still wanted to feel connected to a team which is why she decided to try out for lacrosse, a club sport here at Santa Clara.

“I was scared I couldn’t do it,” she said. “All of the pressure would be riding on me as the only goalie, which is a position I knew nothing about.”

It was finally the day when the team roster would be announced. Maggie anxiously awaited the email that would decide her fate. When she finally opened it, her jaw dropped. Not only had she made the team, but she was also the starting and only goalie.


“When I first opened the email, I was shocked.” She said. “Actually, I was more than shocked. I was really scared, I thought that they had made a mistake.”

Maggie stuck with the sport and practiced her position as goalie. Slowly but surely she began to pick up more and the team became so good that it went to nationals in Virginia Beach in late May.

While they were there, Maggie, the girl who knew nothing about lacrosse, was named an All American and rookie of the year.

After nationals, the lacrosse team was offered the chance to become a D1 sport at Santa Clara but chose to move to D3 instead.

“We all like the way it is now” she said. “While we still practice most days, there is still plenty of time for fun and schoolwork. This is why we all chose to play club lacrosse in the first place. Being a D3 sport will allow us to still have free time to ourselves, which is why we decided not to move up.”


–Nicole Sonia McDougal

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