From Culford Academy with Love

Daniella Silva- SCU Tennis- 2013

Daniella Silva- SCU Tennis- 2013

Many athletes claim that college makes up some of the best days of their lives, but not Daniella Silva. For Silva, the best days of her life happened at a castle in England, where she went to boarding school.

Silva currently claims the #1 doubles and #4 singles spots at Santa Clara University.

Silva has a good life here at SCU, but her life before college was just as successful. She attended boarding school in Cambridge, England. This is where she stepped out of her older sister’s shadow and took her tennis performance to a whole new level. Her school, Culford Academy, has been a huge and important focal point of her life. With stories such as meeting Olympians, wearing dreaded quilts, and attending school in a castle, nonetheless in a different country.

Silva played on a tennis team that was ranked number two in the entire country of England. In my interview with Silva, she told me many happy stories as she reminisced about her life in Cambridge.

Daniella Silva- SCU Tennis- 2013

Daniella Silva- SCU Tennis- 2013

In terms of Silva’s athletic success, Dani chooses to remain quite reserved about her record despite how great of a season she just had for Santa Clara. I immediately asked Silva how she felt about me interviewing her senior teammate, Steph Skaras. Silva claimed, “Not Steph. She doesn’t take me seriously.” With this relationship between Dani as a freshman and Steph, a senior, I decided to go ahead and do the interview anyways.

When I first spoke to Skaras and brough up Silva, she immediately snapped her fingers and said “Fierce Competitor.” These two words that came out of Skaras’ mouth formed one statement that every athlete craves to hear from their teammate. Steph went on to list many attributes about Silva, such as, “Heart, she has a ton of that. As well as courage, she’s not afraid. Loyalty, dedication, energy. Overall she was a great addition to the team this year. She made me want to play better. She really affected me, she became not only my teammate, she became my friend. So yeah, Dani is a great Tennis player.”

Despite Culford Academy being her previous home, Silva’s new home is here at Santa Clara University. She left behind a life in another country where she made a successful name for herself, but without doubt Silva is more than capable of surging ahead and becoming even more successful, here at Santa Clara U.

—Veronica Ybarra


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