Life After Santa Clara


Antoinette Paris Marrero, “Twon” to friends, has had her dream job lined up with GAP since she interned there in San Francisco last summer. Staying in California for college was an easy decision for the San Diego native. But with her Business Marketing major and Retail Studies minor, New York City seemed a perfect place for her career path after college.

“I imagined having a job after school and being able to live in a big metropolitan city. I have been able to achieve that goal. I originally thought I would be in NYC and working in fashion, but I will be doing that in SF and things are going according to how I planned,” she confesses.

A current senior at Santa Clara University, Marrero is leaving knowing she has taken full advantage of the career related resources Santa Clara has to offer. Using the career center and the Retail Management Institute, RMI, to line up internships, such as her place at GAP last summer, Marrero wanted to secure her access to the job world after college.

“It was a lot of work, but such invaluable experience,” Marrero’s answers about her time as a part of the Santa Clara Business School. While Marrero has the optimal situation for life after graduation, her situation is the goal, not the norm for most graduates.

Another senior at Santa Clara University, Blair Boone, is in a very different position than Marrero. With no job lined up, a tentative plan to move to San Francisco and graduation only a few weeks away, Boone is at a crossroads. Most of us will be Boone’s shoes in just three short years. As the job market increases in competitiveness, Santa Clara University is doing everything they can ready their students.

“To be honest it was hard for me to envision what my life would be like after I graduated because I was so caught up in being a freshman and I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do after graduation… I have learned so much over the past four years and I feel confident going out into the world and finding what I am passionate about,” Boone says.

Boone is confident in her education and her ability to find a job that she enjoys. Boone is currently in her Senior Thesis class, “The Science of Happiness.” “It has been my favorite class at Santa Clara. This class has taught me to find a career that truly will make me happy. It does not specifically talk about my career interest, but it has inspired me to find a career that will enhance my happiness no matter how small or big the career is,” says Boone.


Marrero and Boone happen to be best friends. They have lived together their senior year, and been by each other’s sides while observing this massive transition into the “real world.” Both Marrero and Boone are going to be at completely different places after graduation. They do have one thing in common though, Santa Clara.

“…take everything one day at a time. It is ok to not have any idea about what you want to do after graduation because sooner or later it will come to you. Do not feel overwhelmed or afraid by career paths because as the years go on you will meet people who will help guide and support you. These are the fastest, most fun four years of your life so enjoy every minute of it. Go to class and learn as much as you possibly can because SCU has so much to offer to everyone. Find something that you are passionate about and run with it, especially if it makes you happy,” Boone states nostalgically.

As seen in 1st picture above: Antoinette Paris Marreo (left) and Blair Boone (right)

As seen in 2nd picture above: Blair Boone (left) and Antoinette Paris Marrero (right)

-Molly Jean Clark

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