Freshman 15

The freshman-15 is no joke. Seriously, everywhere you go in college there is something artificial, salty, sweet and fattening calling your name. Days and days of bland Benson salad, quinoa in everything, and lots of Diet Coke, gets us absolutely no results. Not to mention, every hour of the day at the gym is jammed packed with miserable hopefuls trying to get a decent workout in. I admire these people, I really do, but it takes everything I have not to turn around, walk back to Swig, get in my bed and Netflix my life away. I am a big believer in eat healthy, feel healthy, but sometimes the urge to buy (and nearly finish) an entire box of Cheez-Its is just too strong. I suppose¬†making good, healthy decisions is all it takes to keep that F-15 off, but every once and awhile the YOCO inside of all of us kicks in, and you just have to get the extra slice of pizza, even if you’ll regret it later. You deserve it.

– Tisha Ferraro

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