An Ode to Escape

Four weeks ago I hopped off the plane at SJC visions of Spring Quarter in my head: sundresses, warm weather, and relaxation. This is it!  It’s my last spring quarter.

By week three reality had set in. Last quarter or not, it’s still hard to balance school and fun. I’m still sleep deprived and grumpy sometimes. Trading sweaters for sundresses doesn’t magically make the stress of school dissapear. I had to face reality:  Senior Year Spring Quarter isn’t perfect and stress free.

I saw the three day weekend as an opportunity for total relaxation. My close friends were busy and out of town. I was excited: finally the break I needed. It was time to sit by the pool, headphones in, pretending the outside world doesn’t exist.

Fortunately, I didn’t give in to my impulse towards complete laziness. When the opportunity to go hiking with some friends arose, I said yes. I said yes to breaking out of my usual patterns and spending time with people I didn’t know that well. I said yes to escaping the prison of my own routine.

 It was the best decision I’ve made all quarter.

Hiking through Castle Rock State Park

Hiking through Castle Rock State Park

Last weekend I hiked through a State Park I hadn’t even heard of. I tried new restaurants, met new people, got to know acquaintances a lot better, watched the sunset from a beautiful beach, and jumped into the frigid Pacific Ocean.

A relaxing beach adventure

A relaxing beach adventure

 When I was a Freshman I said yes to every new adventure. I took advantage of every opportunity to branch out and discover. However as a senior I’m guilty of falling into routines and ruts. I know who my friends are, my favorite spots, and how I like to spend my time.

We’ve all heard of the Santa Clara Bubble, but beyond that I want to talk about our own personal bubbles. It’s easy to get stuck in the routine. It’s important it is to say yes to the unexpected and no to the comfort zone. After all, I want to end college the way I started: excited and ready for anything.

— Athena Oldfather


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