Jesuit School Problems

Going to a Jesuit school as a non-affiliate to religion, there are certain aspects of religion that are thoroughly embedded in the campus that sometimes still surprise me. Most things that bring out the religious feeling on Santa Clara’s campus are more based on being a good human being. Things like holding the door, saying thank you to your professor at the end of class, smiling at the chef’s who make your food, things that one would do that Jesus would approve of. Being selfless, loyal, helpful, all the things a mother wants their child to be when they grow up. But there is also the fact that I walk by a mission everyday on the way to class, there is a massive, slightly overbearing, wooden cross across from the mission, and Jesuits teaching math and science. All these are fine and good, they just catch me off guard in my non-affiliate ways.

Another part of our community that is heavily related to the Jesuit teaching tradition is the religion class requirement. For those of us who are perhaps spiritual, but not “religious,” this is somewhat of a drag. Personally, I tried to go in with an open mind. However, the Bible, especially the King James version with its “thou’s” and “hath’s,” is not an easy, read-for-fun kind of literature.

Last night my reading assignment for religion class was Romans 1-16. First thing first, I had to find Romans. My current technique is to flip through like a flip comic book and watch the top right corner until I see “Romans” flip by. I finally found it and began forging through the “hath’s” and the “thou’s,” when I came across an absolutely golden piece of writing. Paul wrote letters to the Romans about the word of God and that is what the whole book of Romans consists of. The sole part of his 16 chapter long letter that spoke to me was in chapter 12. This is not the King James version, I wanted to spare the translation hassle.Image


I was reminded from this that you can always find things that pertain to yourself and your life even while reading the book of a religion you don’t affiliate with. Keep an open mind always and if your like me, keep reading the Bible for pithy quotes.

—Molly Jean Clark


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