The Madness of College Basketball


The UCONN men’s basketball squad ended its improbable 2014 tournament run hoisting the National Championship trophy after taking down the Kentucky Wildcats.

As March Madness came to its exciting and thrilling end, fans and supporters of both Kentucky and UCONN were able to witness their favorite teams continue their Cinderella runs into the NCAA Tournament title game. Few if any thought these two teams, a No. 8 seed and a No. 7 seed, would make it to that point in the dance. Yet, the Wildcats and the Huskies reminded me that any team, from any university, from any conference has a shot if they can secure a spot in the field of 68 every March. Unfortunately, my beloved Broncos from Santa Clara didn’t have that chance this season. They haven’t had that shot to play Cinderella since 1996, a year when many of the current students on the Mission Campus were still walking around in diapers. It’s been a long drought, but as UCONN just showed the world, any team has a chance come tournament time.

–Brendan Weber


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