Iggy’s filthy crossover

In last night’s Warriors vs. Nuggets game, broadcast nationally on TNT, the Warriors’

Andre Iguodola created one of the best bloopers and highlights of this 2013-2014 NBA season. After grabbing a rebound, Iguodala pushed the ball up the court hoping to make something happen on the fast break. In an attempt to stall the fast break, Nuggets’ small forward Quincy Miller pressured Iguodola, reaching in an attempt to poke the ball away. Iguodola responded to the youngster’s eagerness by displaying one of the nastiest cross overs ever seen, reversing the ball behind his back to his right hand only to quickly cross it back over to his left. Miller couldn’t recover from reaching after the behind the back reverse and was left face first on the ground with a pair of broken ankles as Iguodola ran by.

As the NBA season comes to a close with the playoffs starting on April 19, the Warriors have a few more chances to clinch a spot as one of the Western Conference’s top 8 teams. 


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