How to Instagram at #SCU

Here are a few simple steps to get optimal likes on an Instagram post of our very own, Santa Clara University.

Step 1: Pick a campus landmark. My personal favorite is the new fountain on Palm Drive.

Step 2: Slightly squat down to get the perfect angle, but not too much because remember: you are in public. You have to be sly about this.

Step 3: Take the photo. Duh.

Step 4: Add a filter. Considering our campus’ rich history, a vintage filter would add character to your photo. Also, considering our beautiful climate, a warm filter ( i.e: Lo-Fi) to remind all of your friends that chose to go to school on the east coast that they chose wrong.

Step 5: Add a caption. For example, “It’s always a beautiful day at SCU”

Step 6: Add hashtags. For example, #sorrynotsorry #caligirl #blessed

Step 7: Take a deep breath and press “post.”

After following these simple steps, you will be rolling in likes while reminding all of your friends and family from home that SCU #rocks.

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