Bursting the Bubble

The infamous, mysterious “Santa Clara Bubble” has us well within its grasp by the time spring quarter rolls around. Busy schedules and plenty of on-campus events are enough to keep many students tethered to our campus, even on weekends. This is enough to make anyone go a bit stir-crazy, but it can be difficult to find weekend activities that don’t require a car and don’t bust your college-kid-sized budget. Here are the top 4 easiest ways to burst the bubble:

1. Picnic at San Jose Rose Garden

Rose Garden
Despite being just a 20 minute walk from campus, the beautiful municipal rose gardens make you feel far, far away from it all. Scrounge up some extra dining points, stock up on snack foods from the Cellar, and bring a couple friends for a relaxing afternoon in the sun.

2. Visit Studio-Bongiorno

studio bongiorno
Walk a few blocks down Bellomy Street and you may be surprised to run into a cute little art gallery. Studio-Bongiorno displays diverse exhibits and is certainly worth the short trek if you have an affinity for art. Step it up a notch and take one of the classes or workshops they offer.

3. Shop at Euro Market

Euro Market
Fake a jet-setter lifestyle and stop by the Euro Market on El Camino Real. This obscure little shop sells European snacks and trinkets, as well as freshly made food. You might still be in suburban Santa Clara, but at least you’ll feel like you took a quick vacation to Eastern Europe.

4. Get your puppy fix at Reed Street Dog Park

Dog Park
If you miss your dog at home, or feel deprived of animal love in general, the dog park might be the place for you. Even if you don’t have a dog, you can pop by the park on Reed Street and pet someone elses! If you prefer canine-free park time, there is also the Larry J. Marsalli Park on Lafayette and El Camino, which would be a great spot for a pick-up wiffle-ball game.

-Summer Meza


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