“What’s your major?”,

She asks me. She, a woman in her 30s, whilst cutting my hair. 
“I’m a web design and engineering major.” I don’t have to even think. I respond like a robot that is only programmed to answer that question. It’s engrained on my forehead and it’s the only thing I know when the word “major” is presented to me.

She responds, “Wow your parents must be proud.”

I wanted to say yes so badly. 
But I couldn’t.

Instead I smiled. The fake kind, where my dimple appears ever so slightly.

And this is exactly why I am not doing this anymore. I am 20 years old and I have the world to discover. I am no longer an engineer not because it was too hard, but because I am disinterested. I had something to prove, to my peers, my family in India, my parents and the world.

Now I have a purpose. I don’t have anything to prove. I have something to live for.

Am I scared for when my uncle from India calls me and asks me what I’m doing at a beautiful university in the Silicon Valley with engineering?

Yes. I am. After spending years talking about science and math with him? Disappointment is what I have to look forward to. But that won’t stop me.

Am I scared for when I have to job hunt instead of having jobs handed over to me?

But it’s not a job at this point. It’s my life. It’s my PASSION. Not a job. And a passion is worth so much more.

Am I scared for when my engineering guy friends will say “I knew you would change your major! We knew you couldn’t do it.” So scared. But does it matter?

Not at all. I am chasing my dream, what are you doing?

Am I scared for when people attach a connotation of stupidity and superficial ness with my new major?

Of course. But I know I’m smart and that’s all I need.

Am I scared and worried about my parents because now they’re so worried about my future?

Yeah. A lot. But I will make my parents proud. And it does NOT have to be with engineering. It will be with kindness, gratitude, and happiness.

Gratitude is all I have for this realization.
I will graduate college. I will do something with my life. I can’t wait to start living instead of surviving. I can’t wait to see what I can do with my talents and with all the people that love me around me.

I am so excited for life, after so long.


“Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?”

Because I just remembered. And boy, I couldn’t be happier.

– Levina Robin


Donald Sterling: Owner, Billionare, Racist

The release of Donald Sterling’s girlfriend’s audio recordings last saturday by TMZ sent the sports world into a frenzy. The words of the LA Clippers owner shocked all ears that heard it as the racist remarks he made were shocking and unheard of in this day and age.

In the recording, Sterling makes several racist comments as his girlfriend and him (both lacking major communication skills) stumble through an argument over her publicly hanging out with “minorities”, posting about it on social networks, and bringing them to Clippers games. Companies sponsoring the Clippers like Red Bull, Virgin America, and KIA rushed to cut ties with the organization. At their game against the Warriors the next day, Clippers players wore their warmup jerseys inside out so that the team’s name could not be seen. Magic Johnson and many other retired players made statements on Twitter regarding the situation, while most current players (excluding Lebron James) refrained from commenting.

On Tuesday, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver announced that Sterling would be banned from the NBA for the rest of his life and fined $2.5 million. Players present and past took to Twitter and other forms of social networking to commend Silver for his severe and decisive action.

As I watched the breaking news in my dorm’s lounge, I was not the least bit surprised. Although I hadn’t expected the consequence to be a lifetime ban, it made sense and I approved Silver’s decision. As the news started to become a hotter topic in conversation amongst peers throughout the day, I found that while most people viewed the situation like I did, there were also many who opposed the commissioner’s decision and took Sterling’s side.

At first I was perplexed by this opinion. “You’d have to be a racist yourself to tolerate this type of racism!” I thought. But as I heard it from more and more people, many of whom I respected, the reason for controversy began to make more sense. The aspect of it that seems to bug many people is how the recording was obtained. For many, his girlfriend secretly recording the conversation and stabbing him in the back with it was morally wrong (Though there are some reports that say he knew he was being recorded). People should be able to say whatever they want in their own private spaces, right? How is it fair that Sterling has to face such extreme sanctions because of a few racist remarks he made?

However, those who hold this viewpoint fail to recognize one, extremely important thing about the NBA. It is a business. The decision to ban Sterling from the league was not to seek justice, it was to save the NBA. If the commissioner had resorted to a punishment any less severe, the repercussions for the association would’ve been much more widespread than decreased support for the Clippers’ organization. After Silver’s ruling, the Golden State Warriors claimed that they would’ve walked off the court after tip off if they hadn’t been satisfied with the sanction. It’s very likely that other teams would’ve done the same thing, throwing the whole NBA playoffs out of whack resulting in a loss of millions of dollars for the league. It is hard to estimate the scale of repercussions if Silver had not dealt with the situation the way he did, but I can assure you of one thing. The NBA would’ve lost a lot of money. Instead, they are profiting from the situation as the league’s publicity has spread.

Although the aftermath of Donald Sterling’s tapes being released may not seem fair to some, it makes sense. The sanction put on Sterling did not come from the judicial system, it came from the NBA, an organization seeking to make money, not settle civil rights disputes.

The NBA’s decision to ban Sterling was a smart one and cannot be logically disagreed with. It will be interesting to see how this story continues to unfold in the upcoming days.

Benson Problems?

By far one of the biggest complaints about Benson is the weekend hours. Many dining services such as La Parrilla and the make your own sandwich line are not open to students on Saturdays and Sundays. It is clear that many of the students here at Santa Clara are upset by the lack of food options on the weekend as they are limited to the salad line and Tailgaters. Many of us are confused as to why there are significantly less food options for us to eat and wish that all dining services would be open on the weekend. 


-Nicole Sonia McDougal

An Ode to Escape

Four weeks ago I hopped off the plane at SJC visions of Spring Quarter in my head: sundresses, warm weather, and relaxation. This is it!  It’s my last spring quarter.

By week three reality had set in. Last quarter or not, it’s still hard to balance school and fun. I’m still sleep deprived and grumpy sometimes. Trading sweaters for sundresses doesn’t magically make the stress of school dissapear. I had to face reality:  Senior Year Spring Quarter isn’t perfect and stress free.

I saw the three day weekend as an opportunity for total relaxation. My close friends were busy and out of town. I was excited: finally the break I needed. It was time to sit by the pool, headphones in, pretending the outside world doesn’t exist.

Fortunately, I didn’t give in to my impulse towards complete laziness. When the opportunity to go hiking with some friends arose, I said yes. I said yes to breaking out of my usual patterns and spending time with people I didn’t know that well. I said yes to escaping the prison of my own routine.

 It was the best decision I’ve made all quarter.

Hiking through Castle Rock State Park

Hiking through Castle Rock State Park

Last weekend I hiked through a State Park I hadn’t even heard of. I tried new restaurants, met new people, got to know acquaintances a lot better, watched the sunset from a beautiful beach, and jumped into the frigid Pacific Ocean.

A relaxing beach adventure

A relaxing beach adventure

 When I was a Freshman I said yes to every new adventure. I took advantage of every opportunity to branch out and discover. However as a senior I’m guilty of falling into routines and ruts. I know who my friends are, my favorite spots, and how I like to spend my time.

We’ve all heard of the Santa Clara Bubble, but beyond that I want to talk about our own personal bubbles. It’s easy to get stuck in the routine. It’s important it is to say yes to the unexpected and no to the comfort zone. After all, I want to end college the way I started: excited and ready for anything.

— Athena Oldfather

Jesuit School Problems

Going to a Jesuit school as a non-affiliate to religion, there are certain aspects of religion that are thoroughly embedded in the campus that sometimes still surprise me. Most things that bring out the religious feeling on Santa Clara’s campus are more based on being a good human being. Things like holding the door, saying thank you to your professor at the end of class, smiling at the chef’s who make your food, things that one would do that Jesus would approve of. Being selfless, loyal, helpful, all the things a mother wants their child to be when they grow up. But there is also the fact that I walk by a mission everyday on the way to class, there is a massive, slightly overbearing, wooden cross across from the mission, and Jesuits teaching math and science. All these are fine and good, they just catch me off guard in my non-affiliate ways.

Another part of our community that is heavily related to the Jesuit teaching tradition is the religion class requirement. For those of us who are perhaps spiritual, but not “religious,” this is somewhat of a drag. Personally, I tried to go in with an open mind. However, the Bible, especially the King James version with its “thou’s” and “hath’s,” is not an easy, read-for-fun kind of literature.

Last night my reading assignment for religion class was Romans 1-16. First thing first, I had to find Romans. My current technique is to flip through like a flip comic book and watch the top right corner until I see “Romans” flip by. I finally found it and began forging through the “hath’s” and the “thou’s,” when I came across an absolutely golden piece of writing. Paul wrote letters to the Romans about the word of God and that is what the whole book of Romans consists of. The sole part of his 16 chapter long letter that spoke to me was in chapter 12. This is not the King James version, I wanted to spare the translation hassle.Image


I was reminded from this that you can always find things that pertain to yourself and your life even while reading the book of a religion you don’t affiliate with. Keep an open mind always and if your like me, keep reading the Bible for pithy quotes.

—Molly Jean Clark

Secret Escape


Santa Clara University’s campus is full of beautiful, quiet escapes from the academic hustle and bustle that normally consumes students’ everyday lives. This gazebo located near Varsi Hall is frequented by students looking for a change of scenery. If you are ever searching for place to relax, try out this gorgeous spot.


— Alyssa Morales

Spring has Sprung at SCU

Santa-Clara-UniversityThere is nothing better than waking up every morning to blooming flowers, 75 degreeweather, and good vibes. This is everyday of spring quarter at Santa Clara, and it has only just begun. Already, I have taken the train to San Francisco for a Giants game, laid out all day in the sun with friends, and have convinced three potential Bronco’s to commit. Each day I wake up and look out my nine story high window, and feel beyond blessed to live in such an amazing place, with even more amazing people. Spring quarter is bittersweet; it is the end of yet another school year and the beginning of summer, but it is also the end of the years memories, experiences and adventures. As I am excited to begin my next year as a Bronco, a part of me wishes it could be spring quarter forever.

—Tisha Ferraro