Commuter Chronicles: Cassy Montell

Major: Communication Major; Studio Art Minor

Commuting From: Danville

Approx. Commute Time: 45 mins – 1.5 hrs

1. Describe a day in the life of a commuter.

Being a commuter student is actually really fun! I get to have my hand in two worlds at the same time, drive through the beautiful hills on 680 and have my own car. On a usual day, I’ll wake up and get ready, drive for about 45 minutes to an hour 30 (depending on traffic), go to class, hang out and then go home or chill out on campus. That sound really boring when I say it like that, but I always throw in random adventures that keep things super fun!

2. What are the biggest pros and cons of commuting?

Being a commuter student, your days are a lot longer than everyone else’s and sometimes its hard to meet people, but you save tons of money and have the opportunity to have your hand in your home town as well as your campus. I’ve definitely gotten better at scheduling and being more honest with myself about what I can and can’t do since you have to balance both areas of your life.

3. How has commuting affected your involvement on and off-campus?

Yes, it definitely takes effort to get connected, when you’re bouncing between two places. Back at my home town I had a job, babysat, was an assistant teacher at an elementary school and was involved in various events at my church. On campus, I had time in between classes to socialize and hang out with friends that I’ve made there and would occasionally stay late. It’s definitely takes an efforts to balance these two scenes.

4. What advice would you give new commuters?

-BRING LAYERS! One of the hardest things about commuting is figuring out what to wear. Sometimes the weather changes unexpectedly and you’re stuck in the same clothes all day.

-Don’t feel anxious about being alone on campus sometimes. It’s really healthy to have time to yourself where you have some downtime. During these times I love to read, journal or work on homework while I’m jamming to some sweet music.

-Put yourself out there! Since you don’t live on campus, it can sometimes be a challenge getting to meet new people. Sometimes I’ll walk around campus randomly handing out popsicles or whatever and talking with people. Food is a fun way to bridge the gap, meet some really cool people and have some rad conversation!

5. What is your most memorable “commuter” moment?

I keep reintroducing myself to people all the time. Since I don’t see them on campus all the time sometimes I’ll introduce myself like 5 times… it’s bad. I’ve definitely gotten better though!

— Christina


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