Commuter Chronicles: Julie Dang

Major: Economics; Communication minor

Commuting From: East San Jose

Approx. Commute Time: 25-45 mins

1. Describe a day in the life of a commuter.

Really, the only difference between a commuter and a person who lives on campus is that a commuter has to take a little more time planning ahead for a typical day at school.

2. What are the biggest pros and cons of commuting?

The biggest pro of being a commuter is having my own room, shower and free home-cooked meals everyday. It’s also great to be able to drive anywhere off campus for lunch with friends. A con of commuting is definitely the traffic back and forth from school–every time I make plans, I need to factor in commute time depending on traffic conditions.

3. How has commuting affected your involvement on and off-campus?

I think commuting gave me special opportunities to involve myself on campus, and especially since there aren’t many commuter-specific events at SCU, I was able to take part in starting the SCU Commuter-Love Feast for the Locatelli Center in 2012. Commuting also gave me the freedom to do work, internships and volunteer work off campus.

4. What advice would you give new commuters?

Don’t think that commuting gives you only half of the college experience. From what I’ve learned from my 3 years as a commuter at SCU, you get a double experience–the best of both worlds!

5. What is your most memorable “commuter” moment?

I had a midterm one day, and as I was getting ready to leave for school about 20 minutes before it started, my dad was checking out my tires and said I had a leak. I drove to school with that tire, and by some small miracle, I made it there and back with no problem.

— Christina

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