Study Spots at SCU

As college students we have the the tiring task of studying on a semi regular basis. As rough as studying can be, it can be made a whole lot easier by finding just the right spot to get focused and work to the best of your ability. Sure, there is always the library. It is the quintessential study spot for most college students; however, it is not necessarily the best spot to study. It can get busy, a tad overwhelming, and also just sort of boring sometimes. So now the dilemma is where to go when the library is no longer an option? While, contrary to popular belief, there are actually a multitude of places to study!

Sky Lounge: 

Where:  11th floor of Swig.

The Sky lounge is one of the best places to study during the day. At night, it can get filled with people, but during the day it tends to be more vacant. It has tables, chairs and a great view! What more could you want from a study place? The only problem with this study place is getting into the building, but even if you don’t know anyone who lives in Swig, it is not that hard to just ask someone to let you in so you can go to the sky lounge!

Classrooms in the RLCs:

Where: Graham and Casa Italiana

The classrooms in the RLCs are perfect for students who love to use whiteboards! Lots of people like to use to whiteboards to work on a rough math problem or to just write out your ideas and see where your mind is going for an important paper. These classrooms are almost always empty and they are perfect if you want to study in a group or completely alone.

Upstairs of Comm Building:

Where: Upstairs of Communications building, in front of the business school

During the weekdays, this is not necessarily the best place to study; however, on the weekends its completely vacant and quiet. During the weekends this is the best place to study, because there no longer are the herds of students bustling to class, instead it’s just empty chairs awaiting you and your studies.


Where: There are courtyards all over campus, but the best ones to study at are the ones near the mission church and art museum.

On the weekends, or during classes, this is a great place to study. You get the warmth of the sun, but the shade of the trees! If you love to study outside, and not be completely secluded, these courtyards are your best bet. You can bring a beach towel, or sit on the benches, either way, you are primed to study and get some vitamin D at the same time!

Shapell Lounge:

Where: Downstairs of Benson

This is a great meeting place for group projects or study groups. They have many chairs and tables that work perfectly to aid any type of assignment you may be working on. While there is noise that comes from the cellar and the other various rooms that surround the lounge, it is by no means over bearing.

Santa Clara offers its students a multitude of places to study and get work done. If the library is not for you, try one of these other various places on campus to study! With all these options, you are guaranteed to find the best studying spot for you.

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